About Me & Marsh Town Madness

Hi This is me Giulio

I am a qualified developer with 20 years experience.

I am a qualified developer from Cape Town, South Africa, and a first generation digital nomad, a development globe trotter , living all over the world & I have been in business for 20 years, however, you will find me in Cape Town every few months as I have a registered business and a few properties there.

I am one of the few people that have never been employed and run my own company since I began adulthood.

I learned to program in High School and as I have moved around my entire adult life, I acquired my qualifications through a Legal Firm who had me write formal staff evaluation tests through a company called “Previsory” which was one of the very first eLearning company back in the early 2000 & various corporates used it as a staple means to evaluate their staff skillset under invigilation.

The reason for this is because I never stayed long enough in one spot to go through a 3 year degree, which was fine as I have always worked remotely.

I wrote the 26 tests under a controlled setting in an examination hall as at the time, they only allowed tests under invigilation ie a representative with the correct qualifications had to oversee the exams.

Since then, I have worked for many companies.

I must say that I have quite a unique lifestyle and I have been very successful with my IT Business & property investments all over the world.

While I do not have a permanent address, I work remotely for many international clients but my specialization is the South African market where most of my clients come from.

I have a niche development style & I specialize in:

(1) Web Development such as countryhouselemarche.com

(2) Mobile Development

(3) Desktop Development Bytes.com

(4) Geographical information systems where I developed advanced prototypes for old Mutual 17 years ago

(5) Retail Mall Management Software for companies like Greenstone Mall

(6) Debt Management Systems

(7) Tracking Apps such as ondemandbookngs.com which is a booking & tracking service for Shuttles

(8) Game Development, as depicted on this website.

(9) NGO’s & Public Sector for Black Economic Upliftment such as Jam International

(10) And Learning Management Systems such as metisware.com & Kineo and I was a developer on the GSB website (University of Cape Town)

I have has hundreds of clients over the years and I was even a developer for a prominent payment gateway for a time

I do not follow industry standard, rather I follow technical standards & I have spent a small fortune on the research and development of low cost, high quality premium products & services that I integrate into my offerings, often doing the job of entire teams on my own. My philosophy is “If it has already been built, buy a license for it and integrate”

Marsh Town Madness was the original third party Coppercube Game Engine resource centre & website, recommended by Ambiera.com back in 2017.

We partnered with Uneasy Games & neophyte.cf back in 2017 (Their website was called something else I can’t recall) for cross marketing purposes. Both the owners of Neophyte & Uneasy Games were administrators on Marsh Town Madness. Them & many others also sold assets through this website. We were also involved in the Marketing & Project Management of Grandma, the number 1 most downloaded game on itch.io for 2 weeks in 2018. We even built their company website & managed their outsourcing contracts even though the company no longer seems to be active. Uneasy Games was also made an administrator on our social media community groups.

We also wrote code for them for other games that were in development at the time and founded & Managed the first Coppercube Facebook & Google Plus (Discontinued) communities which was very popular for it’s time.

Advertising costs where taken on by us in order to promote our website and this rather unknown engine (Coppercube)

Eventually, as people moved over to itch.io and other platforms like discord, Marsh Town Madness became unsustainable and we shut it down and left the community for 2 years. When we arrived back, we discovered that neophyte.cf and contributors were a driving force in the community and the once stagnating engine had found new life.

We also wrote our famous & revolutionary survival template using the Coppercube API. Which was the first Template that introduced the bellow features. This changed the ball game for Coppercube users at the time, but looking at the system now, well, it is very primitive in comparison to what the community is building

(1) Weopon animations & swapping

(2) Melee Combat

(3) Fall Damage

(4) Health potions

(5) A Cloud based Chat system

(6) Health Bars.

(7) Pets

(8) Reworked AI system

(9) Hit Boxes

We also built the very first multiplayer template that was not just two boxes controlled by arrow keys. Ours was fully featured such as (Armor, health potions, weapon switching, match lobbies, teleporting, ) This was known as “The Mech Project” & used TCP / IP and Coppercube IO & WordPress as a login system

Unfortunately these Templates have been lost to us, but it might pop up within the community.

At that time Coppercube Game Engine, our engine of choice was almost completely unknown and a small team of us carried the original development of extensions & tutorials until the user base explosion in 2020

Since that time we have changed our model and this website is now built as a search engine that crawls youtube for Game Development content.

We run our crawler once a month and we have thousands of videos available to choose from.

Our search algorithm is far more accurate the Youtube, working specifically with key words.

We don’t have a trend algorithm, nor do we use AI to provide you with your results, however we are well verse in the openai.com API (the Artificial Intelligence behind ChatGPT)

I provide, web, mobile & Desktop Applications which include

GIS, Information systems, Location Based Apps for managing Vehicles and staff as well as Game Development.

I have worked in the public & private sector and built applications for Universities & Retail Centres.

A list of some of the proxy clients that I had usually via sub-contraction .( For privacy reasons I will not be releasing my current client list)

Greenstone Mall:
Cradlestone Mall:
Cresta Mall:
Ernst & Young
City & Guilds
Emirates Mall Dubai
SMM Legal N/A – Online Legal Auditing firm (Defunked) 2005
Nav TV Gaming N/A – Purchased by Telkom ‘Do Gaming League’ 2015

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