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  • hello it is just a test!

  • Zoo

    Hey @Just_In_Case I added it to the third party resources page.

  • Second Test

  • Testing

  • Hmmmm, just testing…seems like I am able to post a status update with my subrscriber account…

  • Bought the rift and getting it Monday, so exciting to get started using it with unity. I had bought lots of cool stuff in the assest store.

  • Thanks i agree,  it’s a game I think could be great if done right

  • Zoo

    I am pretty amped to see how this plays out! I loved Granma…I think that it is the game that you should focus on

  • Grandma the new and improved version is in production, this one will be in VR for the rift which I’m ordering this weekend.  This game will take some time but will be much more professional and a lot scarier than my previous game.

  • Probuilder for unity is free, not sure it will be free for long because I know it was like 90 bucks before so grab it while you can. This isn’t the basic version it’s the legit full version.

  • Hey everyone!

    Hows you all doing? its been a long time since i posted something here on MTM, and am sorry for that.

    So today am Posting an Example Exe file of a fighting game, which is a mimic of Street […]

  • Zoo

    Yes, I have come across this before. It is really interesting.

    Coppercube is actually a lot more popular with solo devs them people give it credit for. It is actually my favourite engine and that is why I am focused on this website. Also, @Niko is awesome. He engages at a personal level with the community. For example, he personally made a…[Read more]

  • “Mostly Codeless Game Development”
    There’s a list of free and commercial game engines, where CopperCube is listed and gets a good review. Also there are chapters about history, how to sell games, how to work with audio, visuals, programming, etc.
    I’ll make my library to order it!
    Some pages are readable on Google…[Read more]

  • Yeah, seen it before, believe it’s really good, but it’s not free

  • Zoo

    Please note that we have refocused on Coppercube, we are no-longer a business forum but back to our routes as a coppercube social network, however, posts about other game engines and games are still welcome

  • Zoo

    Just upgraded to php 7 … The website should be at-least 15% faster… I also disabled unused plugins…The next step will be to auto minimise image sizes….Should work nicely. I am also going to go back and review all the old articles… There are spelling mistakes and grammar problems. We are committed to improving MTM and we are looking…[Read more]

  • Ahaa….!!  Now , the interface of the site is looking good… Its a bit faster …😊

    • Hi Yes, the facebook comments are working nicely aswell… Would you be willing to contribute at this point? I am thinking about removing some of the unused features to make the website simpler. Which features would you suggest I remove and what naming conventions would you suggest to make the main menu navigation more intuitive? Furthermore, what…[Read more]

  • Zoo

    Let’s rock this off with a bold statement:

    99% of indie game developers are Autodidacts and do not fit into conventional e-Learning formulas. However, they are some of the few exceptions to Autodidact […]

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