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    Hey guys, we are officially linked as an unofficial resource under Ambiera Actions & Behaviors Page. This is going to change everything as MTM will now be an active resource for Coppercube Users. The Ambiera Actions & Behaviors page is one of their most important high traffic pages and we are sitting right there at the top of the list. Guys, I am…[Read more]

    • That would be really cool

    • So if you buy the older version, would that be linked to the new version? or would this be a separate engine that your gunna build more onto?

    • No, it would be an older version that I build onto unfortunately… @niko is not selling his new version…but he is prepared to negotiate on the terms and the price… I might run a crowd funding campaign in order to get the funds, but maybe, I might be able to find investment. I have already got the ball rolling … chatting to a guy that is…[Read more]

    • I have money to invest but not enough…

    • Oh gotcha, so you just wanna create awhole new engine but have a starting point. Man I wish I new code, I would totally help you. How did you learn how to code? Is there any easy AF lessons to learn coding?

    • Check out as a starting point

    • Thanks Ill check it out

    • I believe one way to make CC great is to be able to add in high quality textures without worrying about over doing your ram. CC is mainly just a low poly engine, niko should really consider upgrading it from low poly to better graphics. I mean it doesn’t need to be like Unreal engine or anything but enough to create more realism in your games. As…[Read more]

    • I have not had any problems with textures crashing. However yes, it does not have the power that unity does…but unity just takes to long to build…I don’t have the time and I have achieved excellent results with coppercube

  • hmmm, Do anyone knows while using the function ccbAICommand(), I’ve found that the enemy is shooting in the wrong direction, is this a bug or something else? how to fix it? Step-by-step please

    • It is not a bug, you need to change the orrientation of the bullet , x axis -180 or – 90…whatever, I had same problem yesterday

    • I’ve did it, but the problem is that, if I change the x, position then it’ll re-adjust, but its not happening in y. If I move up or down, the enemy fails to attack player, but works fine when I move left or right and front or back. @julian @just_in_case @ishmaru @windground

    • Its not just the ai, the Y value of the ShootPositionDisplacement doesn’t ever do anything. It generally works better if you leave the ShootFromWhichSceneNode to “The Current AI or Camera” option.

    • @ishmaru Is there any other Solution? The ShootFromWhichSceneNode does’t works

    • If you use another child node to shoot, you simply can rotate that node to aim where you want it.Only keep in mind is that with this method it is possible for the ai to shoot themselves, so keep this node outside the hit box of the Ai, and make sure the bullet is faster than the enemy’s moving speed.

  • I’ve found a new way to explain. How to make Subway Surfers in CopperCube

    First make a globe of diameter more than 75,
    add the models of train tracks,
    then, make path of the trains to move,
    now get train models and assign them the path to move, also make a JS Script to accelerate -0.1 unit per second square.
    Now, set the player position, and…[Read more]

  • I have found the way to make games like Temple Run and Sub way surfers in CopperCube.

  • I agree with @Vazahat_Pathan, we have to make some stuff to show off in order to make CopperCube Great.

  • Anybody wants me to do a specific post.. or game .. or tutorial on a specific topic… Please comment below…

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    So guys, I think that Coppercube is moving in the right direction… Thanks to the feedback from ZackQuartz & @just_in_case we have managed to get somewhere with this website…Please provide me with some feedback, so that I may make improvements to the website and provide the right tools to improve the coppercube community

    • add a music player. I know its odd but 70% of the inspiration we get is from music. Albert Einstein used it to proof mathematical theory. CC users can submit different sounds to be used in the game

    • @zipdotzap There is a sound effect section on the asset store if you would like to upload assets

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    What improvements do you think that we can make on this website?