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How 2 Run Coppercube with 3 different VR Devices & Controller / Joystick Support (VR Device wEBSITE)

perception_2016_09_18_v4_alpha_release_3 (VR Device Download)

AntiMicro Joystick Support Github (Make Sure that you choose Portable msi nosse 2016)

antimicro-2.23-win32.nosse.portable-2016-MSI (Opensource Game Pad Controller Application)

Simply, include these files in your program root and run the executables of these programs using the coppercube execute external file function, in the same way that you execute a website, Reference found here.

Effectively, the gamer, will automatically be faced with the 2 downloaded opensource apps and thus will be able to configure them to his advantage.

While this is nothing more then a convenience band – aid patch for your Coppercube Application, it works well and can provide your gamer with the support that he needs to get these games on the devices and controllers that he likes

Anti-micro does support several VR controllers!!

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