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Crocotile3D:  Create Complete 3D scenes from tile maps, very interesting!! Excellent for buildings as they are low poly…You can add pillars etc using other 3D extensions afterwards. Better then Coppercube building designer.

A list of AR & VR resource for browser

Free rigged/animated file converter software

Host any exe in browser

If you ever have the need to replace a mesh from disk after the application has already been compiled, this thread can help you (Found on coppercube Forums)

Free minecraft style modelling tool

Tons of Textures Free High Quality

Convert Your Video to Coppercube compatible formats and edit your video fwith free trial or use this online converter to convert mov files to mpg which are compatible with coppercube, find your coppercube reference here

Another Excellent WebVR resource (Free) for those who can code Javascript

Filmora  [super powerful free video cam software with effects shop…By far the best that I have used so far ]

SEO Ranking results Google [ Hey guys, if you want to know how your Game Blog is featuring on Google, please try out this tool, it gives great insight into your search engine rankings for specific keywords]

WebVR Toolkit Mozilla

Daz Studio [best free character modelling tool that I have found so far, user guide here ] To reduce the polygon count you can use Mesh Lab

If you would like to model or paint for Daz Studio please click here for hexagon download … it is free and all the tutorials are here

Can’t afford Coppercube? Here is a coppercube Clone which is free and opensource.

Coppercube does not support markerless VR [ For that you need Unity…Here is a video to get started with VR on Unity]

Inno Setup [ Creates a portable installer for any exe ..and here is a link on how to execute php as an exe installer with Inno Step or just create an exe with windows without installer…or just get the php to exe from here ]

Cloud9 [ Online Backend IDE Java, PHP, Node.js  + Hosting Free For First Account]

Openspace 3D [ Not feeling it with coppercube? Try this AR / VR Engine opensource marker based engine]

HTML 2 EXE Converter [Shows virus warning, but I ran antivirus and it was clear]

Sketchup Easily creat 3D Models and light animations ready to be imported into your favourite 3D animator or painting tool

Push Notifications


Coppercube does not support push notifications on android, ios or desktop, you have to code them yourself. Here is the php code that you can activate when using javascript call to web server…Will only work with webGL Target on modern browsers


KikAppTools [ Want more control over your android app , why not build an extension for Coppercube android with php native ]

Engima Protector [If you are using multiple exe’s or other files this software will allow you to compile all your files into a single executable, so that it cannot be hacked or modified]

3D Crafter is an incredibly easy to use drag and drop low poly 3D Animation & Modelling tool for DX9 & OTHER FORMATS & It is free!

Game Guru DX9 Asset store [Requires “Meshview” to clean models for Coppercube which can be downloaded bellow]

SourceForge [ 3D games are usualy to large for github, this is a great github alternative used by ambiera – The creators of Coppercube, Copperlicht and IrrEdit Game Engines]

Steam Direct (Submission Page)

Download All Coppercube Actions & Behaviors (ZIP) date 20-05-2017

Download All Coppercube Plugins (ZIP) date 20-05-2017

Download DX9 Meshview (.EXE)


Fix your DX9 Meshes by re-saving them using Meshview.. Makes DX9 files that don’t work with Coppercube operational – supports animation


Download DirectX9 from Microsoft (Coppercube Requirement)

Download DDS Viewer (Convert DDS File to png or jpg) (Converting DDS UV’s and Normals to png)

Download Coppercube Multiplayer released 21-05-2017


I cannot tell you how important it is to leverage off the community and how thankful I am to @JaimeZegbi for helping me get this multiplayer experiment working.

In any event if you would like to test multiplayer, please click here  twice…it is multiplayer and requires 2 windows to work .


Download CopperCube Survival Kit (GPL Licence)


=2 Scenes=

  1. Wall colliders to remove weapon clipping (Transparent PNG Cube Node Example)
  2. Gun Weapon attack animation, non static
  3. Melee Weopon attack animation, non static
  4. Fall Damage script Template – Works best with 10 Gravity NB!
  5. Improved AI with Script
  6. Fire, get hot, cold and burn
  7. Die
  8. Health Pots (Blue Orb)
  9. Ammo Clips (Green Orb) – LOADS WEAPON / RUN OUT OF AMMO
  10. Standard Drag & Drop Behaviour, but with extra collision script
  11. Reflective floor & Mirror technique

AS I BUILD MORE MECHANICS – I WILL ADD THEM TO THE TEMPLATE–None of this would b possible without the help of the community!


Download Web Assembly


Ok, so guys? Coppecube creates light weight Javascript Files which can be compressed in order to build websites that are fast and interactive.

However, if you are looking to take advantage of the physics options of Coppercube and other features that are not available in the WebGL version of the compilation, Web Assemlby, linked above is your answer!

Thank you Abhas Kumar Sinha for your excellent advice! This is what this website is all about, collaboration in order to find the most efficient methods of achieving results with Coppercube!


Download Coppercube Advanced Effects Hack


Coppercube split screen, cartoon outline effect and much more…It is a Coppercube Hack, please…register with the website and use the forums to ask me any questions.. I stripped the plugin from warhammer online client, a discontinued game that I had on my computer…The effect, is not owned by warhammer and therefore it is legal to use in your game… The creator of the effect, a Russian guy, no-longer supports this and has provided the code as a GPL which in turn was used by the long gone Warhammer Online community. This mod, was not released with Warhammer Online and was a community extension. I managed to modify it to get it working with Coppercube…or you can just watch the video tutorial here


Game Guru App


I don’t like Game Guru, but this Stand Alone App that they provide works very well … Split Images into Normals & UV’s etc… Excellent Texturing Tool …Costs $10


3D Mesh Converter


Looking for a way to convert different Mesh file formats to those compatible with Coppercube? Here is a free Mesh Converter and it works… However, it does not support animations…If you want a product that supports animations & rigging exports & imports, but also and allows you to strip UV’s + Normals, please look at Ultimate Unwrap 3D, but it has a price of $50 at the time of writing…I purchased it and it is great


Download Make Human


Low & Medium poly models that can be imported into blender for animation and rigging for coppercube, otherwise there is always mixamo for medium and high poly models,also supports rigging…Free version on steam only unless you have an adobe ID

With an adobe ID, you can get access to Mixamo Polygon reduction tools & Much More.. Otherwise for polygon reduction use wings3D and then convert your mesh into desired format afterwards


Link To Autorun DVD Tutorial


If you want to burn a game to disk, you will need an autorun, so that when the user inserts the disk, it will manually execute


Opensource Gif / Png SCREEN RECORDER


This tool is great for creating desktop recordings to animated images…for targets like twitter and facebook 🙂


MP3 to WAV converter Online 


For all those free sound files, that you want to convert for your Coppercube Game


Super Important Math Tutorials


These tutorials are perfect for game programmers! An understanding of these tutorials will help you tremendously in Coppercube


Crazy Talk Animator (iclone Extension)


Low cost Facial Animation and Image to 3D Face Software for Iclone…which also has an amazing character builder that is superior to adobe fuse


ccbSetCopperCubeVariable(, 100);


I put the above method here, because there is no reference to it on the coppercube website or forum as per the time of writing… This javascript code, sets the player or AI health…For other Official Javascript Documentation please look here


Convert your exe to windows 10 universal store format

Node.js W3Schools [ Good serverside javascript framework for Coppercube]

Hundreds of free Skyboxes

SweetFX configurator


Hey guys, this seems to work with coppercube.

Once you have configured your game, you can  move the game onto another pc and it still works as this plugin is actually for packaging the DLL with your game…Please have a look.


Give us your oppinion