Animation & Modeling Tools

AI Skybox creator.

In order to use it, just generate a sphere in Coppercube & Then invert the textures. Alternatively, if you want to use the remove fog shader from then after generating the skybox, download this tool to turn it into a compatible skybox with Coppercube

If you are not satisfied with that tool and want to make a whole range of different type of AI art.

you can use this tool.

VR Options for Coppercube Game Engine

Vorpx X – Turn Any non VR game into VR

Vorpx X cannot be packaged with your game but the installer can be shipped with your game. I will be providing a Coppercube Template with the installer soon. Vopr

Rift – Cat VR – Make any non VR game compatible with Google Cardboard. It even comes with controller support if you own one.

AI Animation tools that play nice with Coppercube

Accurig – AI powered rigging. Say goodbye to Mixamo. Just upload your humanoid model of many file types that are compatible with Coppercube and the AI will rig it for you. Then, you have the option of downloading tons of animations.

Mixamo –

Old School Humanoid animation tool that never reached it’s full potential

This old school tool was bought by adobe and never had the original features that were promised, added!

But it works well with Coppercube . You can import your FBX models, rig them and select from a predefined list of animations.

AI based Fremium Motion Capture Software using just Webcam

This is premium motion capture software that allows you to upload a video and extract to create animations for your 3D projects. It works with Coppercube 3D formats

Ultimate Unwrap 3D Premium

This is a tool that I used a lot. It works well for combining Mixamo animations into one 3D model. It also works really well to pack textures. Unlike Blender, it is simple to use as it comes with documentation when you buy it. This tool is specifically designed to work with UV’s and packing of animations. It works particularly well with .x obj, fbx files.

AI 3D Model Builder

This is an AI powered 3D model creator. Just type what you want the AI to build and it will create it. This will be a premium product when it is released. Once you have created the model, just import it into one of the programs above to animated it or other.

VR ROID Studio (3D Anime Character Creator)

This works really nicely with the various animation tools above

Daz Studio 3D Character creator (Premium)

Produces fbx characters, you can animated them inside the builder

Adobe Aero Augmented Reality Tool

This AR tool can be shared with a QR Code or link