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Development Area :

web / mobile / Desktop / Game / VR / AR / GIS / INFORMATION SYSTEMS

We offer low cost development solutions!!! We have 20 years development experience in both public & private sector. We have worked for several universities, Malls, Hotels & Even Local Government

Geographical Information System Development For Retail & Public Sector

(a) Web Development

(b) Mobile Development

(c) Desktop Development

(d) Geographical Information Systems

(e) Debt Management Solutions

(f) General Information System Development

(g) Mixed Reality Solutions in Various Engines

(h) Marketing Consultation

Hire me to build your game!

Why hire me, an experienced Coppercube Developer over a Unity or Unreal Engine Developer?

(a) Coppercube developers can produce applications much faster then Unity or Unreal developers

(b) Coppercube developers are able to produce games at a much lower price then Unity developers

(c) Most Unity & Unreal Developers cannot do their Engines justice.

(d) You can make most types of games in Coppercube, includng Web / Mobile / Desktop.

(e) Coppercube games have a very small file size in comparison to Unity & Unreal games

(f) Coppercube games can run on very old PCs & Devices as well as the Lastest Machines.

I am an innovator


Counterstrike Low Poly Clone Single player

This demo works very similarly to Counterstrike but is single player. Building this in Unity would have taken at least twice the time to produce even though it is low poly. For this reason, hiring an experienced Coppercube developer could help you achieve the dream of having your own game at a fraction of the cost that it would cost you to build in other engines. Bellow is a Demo game built by one of the Coppercube community members.

Not convinced with Coppercube? We work with many different Game Engines! We are sure that we can build your low cost game or business app / website or Desktop Application at a fraction of the cost of other developers.

Hire me now to build your game or business application!

Contact me now & I will get back to you typically within 4 hours.

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