Unfortunately I have lost many of my templates & code snippets after taking a 2 year break from Coppercube. I am going to be rebuilding them. What I have done, is focused on Low code and simple to use templates & algorithms. My Templates are light weight and reduce performance costs on your game while most of the community has focused on building behaviors & actions. Each template can be edited and saved as a prefab. This prefab can then be imported into your game.

Gun Fire Decals For Coppercube.

Simple decals that I introduced into the community many years ago on the old version of the this site.

Simple Footprints (FPS) Template

When you walk around in FPS view, the player will leave footprints. Runs out of memory after a while, but it is a good start.

Old fashioned Ticking Clock

The clock ticks and you can move the hands around to set the time. It will keep time when run

100 km Platformer level in Coppercube (Template)

An example of how to optimize Coppercube Levels to make them extremely large.

Little Head bobbing effect

Template that creates a simple head bobbing effect in just a few lines of code

Camera Shake Template – Low Code.

I am trying to produce a few useful low code templates. This template could easily be repurposed for an on hit event.

50 Extensions

I found these extensions that someone in the CC Community shared. I am not hosting them, so I figured that I would share the drive link. Disclaimer, I have nothing to do with the acquisition of these extensions , nor their hosting nor origin nor creator. There are around 50 Extensions in the package. I virus scanned them and found no threat. They are all Javascript extensions. Use at your own risk.

First Person Mirror Template

Creates a working mirror effect for first person Camera when compiled as exe .

VR Installers Template

Ever wanted to package your game with Reshade or other installers? Ever wondered how you can do it? Well this is a template for a UI with in game installers. It comes with Vorpx, Joy2Key, Reshade, Riftcat & Other installers for VR and other. Give your players the option of what third party addons they want to install, why decide for them?

Head & Body Shot Hitbox Template

Run the code in “test exe mode” and look at the console to view the Head & Body Hitbox Log. This code can be repurposed .

2D Camera that works specifically with Ambiera Sidescroll behavior found on their website

This is my most popular Template. It has been used in many different games over the years. The algorithm for the Camera was created by me and used in popular games such as neophyte.cf ‘s “beat em up” Template. Sometimes the simplest of algorithms becomes a game changer. The zip file also contains a modified side scroll behavior, fixing the bugs found in “the official Ambiera Side Scroll Behavior” and adds the ability to run by pressing the down arrow key.

Old School Turret in 3 lines of code.

This actually makes an interesting effect, different from the new turret behaviors on the forum. I wrote this template 7 years ago.

Volumetric Fog Using Particle System

Amazing what one can do with particle systems in Coppercube. This is an improved version of the volumetric fog found at this link. My version is far more realistic. I removed the lightning effect, because it did not look nice…

Tons of free skybox’s