Meshview allows you to take .x assets from The Game Creators store and repurpose them for Coppercube

Simply open any .x asset that you downloaded from the above store and save it with a new name.

Bat to Exe Converter

You can use .bat files that you can package with coppercube on windows in order to carry our various tasks. This is particularly useful for multiplayer when you want to run command line functions in bat files and hide them from the user. Coppercube can execute external files from within the compiled game but the problem is that bat files can be opened and the code can be tinkered with in notepad++. Thus using this conversion tool, you can write a .bat file and convert it to an exe in order to protect it’s internal code from hackers.

Joy2key – Keyboard to Gamepad Mapper

This is a classic keyboard to gamepad mapper that just works. It is simple to use and many have used it in the Coppercube community

Reshade – Third Party Shader (injector for dx 9 & above)

Reshade. is a very powerful injector that can enhance the graphics of any game. With Coppercube game engine, Reshade is a must have when packaging your game. Because it is opensource you can provide the installer with your game as long as you respect the license agreement. There is even a VR mod!

How to run a Coppercube exe in browser without WegGL

This is a premium service that allows you to run any EXE in the browser. It is fairly expensive but the results are incredible. I tried the free trial several years ago and decided to finally share it with the community. Coppercube games worked back then, they should still work now.

Super Powerful Cloud PC for building Games

We all know that cloud PC’s are not popular for playing games due to delay, however they are amazing for developing games. This particular Cloud PC has a minimum offer of a 1080 Nvidia Graphics card and a max offer of 3080 Graphics card. It works out far more affordable to hire a cloud PC then to buy your own

Mixamo Character combiner.

Combine animations from Mixamo.

Free 3D Model converter

This 3D Model converter also converts animations to GTLF for AR

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