The Coppercube Mafia – Work Provided / Credit Never Given. Stolen Assets From AAA companies & redistribution of ripped Assets.

Disclaimer. I do not hold Ambiera accountable for the below. I believe that Ambiera and Niko are in the dark about most of what is going on. They might know what is going on…View the thread. Proof bellow (See Niko, Ambiera CEO)

As I stated before “Marsh Town Madness” was the original Third party Coppercube resource endorsed by Ambiera and added to the official website as a permanent link. The link was removed some time ago.

I contributed heavily in the Coppercube community for 8 years and I was the only personal that posted updates on a daily basis during one of those year.

I have been locked out of the community by challenging the dishonest but I still post on the forums via VPN often

Due to the fact that most of my posts have been deleted off of Ambiera Forums by , as well as off of & I have been blocked from all Facebook communities that I started, I have decided to put together proof with the remaining information that I have left. I have also been banned from the community discord by @Just_In_Case , owner of

As I find more proof, I will add it to this page.

To Begin

Coppercube was a dying engine and I was paying advertisements on Facebook out of my own pocket to promote it via “Marsh Town Madness” (Unbeknown toAmbiera). I rebuilt Marsh Town Madness as “The Mech Project” in 2020 retaining most of the assets that I had on the forum but this site was hacked due to an exploitation in my multiplayer project as I was hosting the Sample DB on the same server.Thus this project too, was shut down. I have circled the dates in the screenshot.

To Begin. Robo used my Survival Template that I introduced in 2017 in order to make his survival template without giving me credit. You can see in the screenshot that Robo was looking for my Template in the community as a basis for his.

Proof that Robo is providing a free survival template

Not only this, but various members of the Coppercube Community (Such as Robo) have been redistributing ripped AAA Company assets without the permission – Counterstrike Assets. I protested on the bellow thread and all my comments were deleted.

And various other retro titles with the ripped assets on

After Approaching Niko I was met with Silence. Ambiera CEO

For example, the game Aziella Chronicles that Ambiera retweeded used the Reshade shader and it was added to the ambiera official list of games made with coppercube. The problem with this is that I was the one that introduced reshade into the community and the high level of graphics produced by this company would not have been possible without reshade. I was never credited for my contribution on the forum

Here is the proof that I was the one that introduced and proof tested Reshade with Coppercube. I was the first. Try find any other post on the forum that precedes this date. I had been experimenting with reshade & sweetFX since 2012 with other game engines. If one was to find a reference to these injectors prior, that was not written by me, it would only be because my thread had been deleted

Here is proof that Aziella Chronicles was also added to Ambiera Official website. I was never mentioned in the credits for my contribution. Today, reshade is used by most Coppercube Developers and nobody new about it before I introduced it into the community.

After confronting Ambiera about what was doing to me in the community. I was left without an answer.

As for proof that was also ripping off modern games and trying to sell them. Here we go

if removes the above Youtube video, here is a screenshot. He was selling this for 30 US Dollars. All of my comments where deleted by but I did manage to get him to distribute the assets for free and drop his price after posting on Facebook in the Tekken Fan Group. also advertised PBR mod for Coppercube on Youtube and sold us the asset for 30 us Dollars stating that PBR was possible in Coppercube. Later he removed the youtube video and changed the title to “Fake PBR Shader” . It did not even work properly and many people bought it.

And here is proof that originally advertised his “fake PBR shader” as an actual “PBR shader” Which I purchased for 30 Dollars before discovering that it was not at all what I expected.

At the same time is allowing hackers to post on the Ambiera forums without deleting their comments. Such as Sakura while blocking other members for calling out those who are part of the Coppercube Mafia. It is impossible that @just_in_case missed this because there are only about 5 posts on the Ambiera Coppercube forum per day.

Later @Ngame used (@Just_In_Case) to help him build his first person shooter multiplayer project. But acquired the algorithm from Marsh Town Madness without giving us credit.

Bellow is a screenshot of the first Mech Project Clone.

And here is the proof that Ngame acquired the algorithm from @Just_In_Case

Proof that the Mech Project was released long before Ngame’s TCP / FTP template. And here is proof that Marsh Town Madness was in discussions with Niko before Ngame’s template was released.

Not to mention that @Just_In_Case “beat em up” template is unusually similar in code and algorithm to Marsh Town Madness side scroller that Marsh Town Madness released just a few weeks prior. The algorithm included hit boxes, melee combat and a new camera which you can see being used here.

Here is the Marsh Town Madness side scroller template

With this version bellow I removed the hitbox and the melee combat under protest .And here you can see the dialoge between myself and where I shared the code with him before loading it onto my website for testing. One might make the argument that built a 2D scroller before Marsh Town Madness but it did not use a 3D character, it used a 2D sprite which meant that his Camera algorithm would have been very different to the one that I used and he copied. Furthermore, his version did not have hit boxes or melee combat.

Later in order for my influence in the Coppercube Community to be made redundant, after I released an asset pack with decals, footprints & an old fashioned clock for a fee of 4 Dollars, Sven took it upon himself to build his own version of the same assets and provide them for free just a few days later after I argued with him on the Ambiera forum…which was deleted.

Just to give you an example as to how many Templates & Code Snippets Marsh Town Madness either developed or workshopped with his colleagues at the time just take a look at the red outlines on the Marsh Town Madness Order Reports. Marsh Town Madness hosted around 100 code snippets / templates & free assets of which at least half where built or modified by The Marsh Town Madness Team… Some where paid and some were incomplete. But the foundation of the majority of assets were contributed in some way by Marsh Town Madness at the time. These assets form the bases of many of the modern actions & behaviors that have been built. This includes many different ground breaking assets for Coppercube such as (1) Make Enemy Look at Camera (2) Energy (Health & Mana Bars) (3) Dialogue Plugins (4) AI Improvements (5) Custom Mouse Cursor (6) Modified version of Is Key pressed Behavior (7) Make Character follow player (Pet) (8) Moving Platforms etc.. etc… But the community refuses point blank to acknowledge our contribution. In fact, many of these templates can be found on (probably modified, I have not checked) Otherwise they are still floating around the community.

Marsh Town Madness was also hired by uneasy games to write code for them & was heavily involved in the Marketing of “Grandma” The most successful game ever built on Coppercube & the most downloaded game on for 2 weeks in 2019. “Grandma” & “Uneasy Games” were in a partnership with “Marsh Town Madness and we built the first Grandma sequel “Grandma : Teddy” which was about a Teddybear left in Grandma’s house. under Uneasy Games Management before it was cancelled in favour of a new project. I still have all the dialogue between myself and @CrackYourSpeakers in my email records. Even the contract. In Fact Marsh Town Madness built the website. As far as I know, Marsh Town Madness was the first Coppercube based company to ever make money off of selling Coppercube resources and the first company to host third party plugins in a paypal marketplace, before people started doing to on!

Even though Grandma is still live and still on the Ambiera website under the section “games made with Coppercube” , there is no mention of @Zoo or “Marsh Town Madness” contributions even though grandma was not getting many downloads before Marsh Town Madness took over project management & marketing

Marsh Town Madness even wrote code that was donated and accepted by Ambiera.

Just to give you some sense as to how many people relied on our Coppercube templates, behaviors, plugins and our forums, please take a look at our order page. We have over 50 pages of orders. Many of the orders were premium assets making Marsh Town Madness the most profitable & reaching Coppercube Based product ever created. In fact, the red square to the left says 1 to 50 of many, indicating that there are far more orders then in the screenshot. I will check and update.

To give you the extent of how the Coppercube Mafia have abused me online…Please view this dox link but in the end it turned out that I was correct. read the example dox thread , including the guy trolling me admitted at the end that I was correct. Furthermore it shows racism towards Asians via the use of the word “chink” The irony of it all is that most of the information is wrong which I find quite amusing because the guy that doxed me, thinks that I live in South Africa while in Reality I have lived in 3 countries in the last 4 years. Also, I have a public Facebook & public Instagram. I am not hiding from anyone. He got the links wrong too … which is funny because I am a digital nomad. I have no permanent address. In fact besides the countries that I have lived in I have been to another 4 on business / pleasure. Even the phone number is not correct because I have to change numbers when I visit new countries

Proof that @okeoke actually agreed in the end that I was correct after raging at me on the forums